JOHAN ULANDER is a force of nature brought up in Saxnäs, a small mountain village in Lapland. His brilliant technique may partly come from having had very few to play with at his young age. Trying to reproduce the energy and complexity of Stravinskij, Weather Report or Miles Davis forced him to push the boundaries for the Guitar and even more so the Bass.

MIKAEL FORSMAN  (b. in Göteborg, 1968) composer and guitar soloist in several jazz-constellations – one of the founders of Chimär and the chamber ensemble Ensemblen Innan hav. Mikael Forsman’s music is often concise/precise in expression and ideas in the music are also presented in the titles in a poetical sense. The spontaneity and directness of his music is often juxtaposed with its soft delicateness, as regards both his writing and his technique.

PER ANDERS SKYTT has been a free-lance musician since 1996 working, among others, with Thomas Jäderlund, Roland Keijser, Anders Persson, Emma Bensing, Håkan Broström, Magnus Nyström and Johannes Lundberg. Per Anders is also frequently in demand as a lecturer in Rhythm Theory at various conservatoires and high schools. 

Sundsvall-born alto saxophonist LARS-GÖRAN ULANDER played over the yers with Palle Danielsson and Paal Nilssen-Love in his own band and most notobly in the 1960s and 1970s with the trombonist Lars Lystedt, pianist Per Henrik Wallin and trumpet player and singer Phil Minton. Also twenty years as chief jazz radio producer for the Swedish Broadcasting Corp.